Deolan gives airlines the data their people and systems need to simplify airport operations, transform the customer experience, and get innovations to market quickly.


Has your airline been waiting months —or even years— for the major players to give you the IT upgrades you need to deliver better customer service and reduce your operating costs? With Deolan, the wait is over. Get the advanced features you need in just days. It’s simple, fast and lean.

Simplify airport operations

Eliminate IT complexity for seamless integration with your customers, vendors, and partners.

Transform the customer experience

Get the data your people and systems need to deliver a unique customer experience, from ticketing to arrival.

Get innovations to market quickly

Bring new ideas to market before your competitors do by using data to fuel your capacity for innovation.


deolan data platform

A single, unified source of data for your people and information systems.

The Deolan Data Platform delivers fast, secure access to fight and passenger data, connecting your IT systems with those of your customers, vendors, and partners. The Deolan Data Platform aggregates all data and makes it available in formats you can use. Your people and information systems get up-to-date, rectified, and verified data.

Customer Platform

Give your customers rich, personalized, location-specific information to transform their experience and enhance customer loyalty.

Team Communication

With the Deolan Team Communication collaborative workspace, your people can work directly with your partners’ people. Say bon voyage to emails and telexes.


This rich, automated connection to your distributors will help you simplify and enhance your inventory management practices and boost your B2B sales.